Club Canine was created to provide a safe and enriching environment for dogs to let loose and have fun! Our dogs get to play in the group all day long under constant and loving supervision.


Imagine being able to spend an evening with a happily exhausted dog. Doggy Daycare is a place where dogs can come to make new furiends, play with dogs and hoomans, and have an overall pawtastic time. Dogs get a lot of physical exercise throughout the day, which allows them to rest joyfully after Daycare.

Daycare Pricing


At Club Canine we have a deep love and passion for dogs. We truly care about your furkids general well-being while in our care and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Club Canine offers many great services and extra care for your dog that others do not. Some of the features that set Club Canine apart:

Set schedules for Club Companions so we get to know and bond with your dog 1-on-1

Club Companions are trained by a veterinarian in CPR and Dog First-Aid

Large Climate-Controlled indoor play areas

7,300 Sq ft of large outdoor play areas with K-9 grass and shade

Emphasis on excellent customer service

Women locally owned business

No extra charges for hugs and love

Accepts young puppies for Daycare

Veterinarian-approved cleaning protocols

Reservations are not required for Daycare

A convenient garage for drop-offs and pick-ups

Plenty of play equipment to keep them happy


Dogs spend the entire day playing together in our large indoor and outdoor play areas. Club Canine does not kennel or crate dogs during the day. There are various pieces of play equipment for the dogs to play on and chase each-other around.


All dogs are evaluated before being allowed to participate in Daycare. Dogs who display aggression, high anxiety, or undesirable behaviors won’t be allowed to participate. All dogs at Club Canine are directly supervised by trained staff. Our Club Companions know the dogs, their tendencies and behavior, and can quickly redirect inappropriate behavior before it escalates.



Club Canine also offers Daycare for puppies in their prime socialization period: between 9 and 20 weeks old. The experiences and skills they develop during this time will impact the rest of their lives. Puppies easily learn proper dog manners and have yet to establish bad habits. Daycare is an excellent place for a puppy to learn how to be a dog. See our Services page for pricing information.


Your puppy will have lots of fun with their furiends in a safe and healthy environment. We know how important rest is for your tiny furbaby, so we make sure they get the play and rest they need! Read more about our Puppy Daycare!



Pup Club offers a unique training opportunity for puppies. Pup Club is an immersive training and socialization program where your pup will learn a variety of foundational skills, social skills, and learn to productively release energy. Here at Pup Club, we only use positive reinforcement training methods to help your puppy learn.

Any Questions?


Club Canine was created to provide a safe and enriching environment for dogs to let loose and have fun! Register your furiend now or fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have!



Club Canine is the best place for doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming. Our dog, Bailey, just loved it there. Jill, Beth, and Kim run a great place. They are always so helpful in any questions I may have and their number one concern is for the dogs. The staff is always great when dropping off or picking up Bailey. I am still amazed how they remember all the dogs names. If you are looking for a place for your dog to interact with other dogs Club Canine is the place.

Clayton Lim

We love Club Canine! Jill and Beth and staff are awesome! The place is clean and they take really good care of the dogs. We’ve just used them for day care and nail trims and are very happy with those services thus far. Our dog loves her time there and is always sad to leave. Highly recommend if your fur kid needs to get some energy out or needs socialization.

Megan Coffin

My furbaby Beni has been going to Club Canine since he was a puppy and I can’t say enough great things about this place and their staff. I know when I leave him at daycare or boarding that he will be well cared for and loved on, which is a huge relief! An added bonus is bringing him home completely exhausted from playing. It’s evident that the staff all love dogs and Beni loves them. Highly recommend Club Canine!

Jocelyn Solorzano


What services does Cub Canine offer?

We provide Doggie Daycare (Including young puppies), Boarding (Club Canine only boards dogs that regularly attend Daycare), Dog Grooming, & Puppy Training.

What is your puppy training program like?

Pup Club has pawsome puppy training programs. One of the things that sets Pup Club above other training facilities is the opportunity for socialization. In addition to individual and small group training, puppies have free play together under the supervision of trainers. Don’t tell the puppies, they are in training during what they think is playtime. The trainers work with them on how to play with their furiends, mouthing, bite inhibition, enrichment, and much more!

How does your daycare service work?

Dogs spend their entire time playing together in our large indoor and outdoor play areas, so they can roam as they please. In inclement weather such as lighting, the garage doors are closed. Club Canine does not crate dogs during the day. Sometimes a dog needs a short break away
from their furiends which may be in a kennel. There are various pieces of play equipment for the dogs to play on and chase each other around. In the summer, dogs can play in the pools.

What measures do you take to keep dogs safe?

- Staff are trained in dog body language
- Staff are engaged and active in the play areas
- Staff are trained by a veterinarian in dog CPR and First
- Dog Trainers go into the play areas and work with staff

What is your boarding facility like?

We have 4' X 6' Kennels & 8' X 6' Kennels, Areas for siblings, Crates, Free Nyla bones, Access to water, & Lots of TLC!

What is your policy on aggressive dogs?

All dogs have a temperament test during a Meet and Greet prior to participation in Daycare. During the Meet and Greet if the dog shows any signs of aggression, they will not be accepted for Daycare. Should an incident of aggression occur during Daycare, the dog may be dismissed.

What grooming services do you offer?

At Club Canine we offer a wide variety of grooming services. We carry shampoo lines for all hair types, so your dog is sure to get the best formula catered to their skin. From funky hair colors to painted nails, we can add all kinds of fun flare to your pet’s look!
- Custom hair dye
- Nail polish
- Etched fur design
- Nail trimming and filing
- Ear cleaning plus plucking of ear hair
- Anal gland expression
- Tooth brushing
- Bath, blow dry, brush out
- FULL grooming for all breeds
Please note, if your fur child is a grooming only dog and you drop them off way in advance of their appointment, they will be kenneled until their appointment.

How do I book your services?

You can register your fur kid for Daycare and Grooming at www.carmelclubcanine.com/register for all services offered. You can register you fur baby for Puppy Training at www.carmelpupclub.com/register


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