Club Canine was created to provide a safe and enriching environment for dogs to let loose and have fun!



Club Canine was created to provide a safe and enriching environment for dogs to let loose and have fun! Our dogs get to play in the group all day long under constant and loving supervision. We provide lots of play equipment for the dogs.

At Club Canine we have a deep love and passion for dogs. We truly care about your furkids general well-being while in our care and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Club Canine offers many great services and extra care for your dog that others do not. Click below to learn more.



Dog Focused

Our main priority is that dogs have a fun and safe time. Staff love and treat dogs like their own, and dogs can play and interact freely in a clean and veterinarian-approved environment. Club Companions are trained by a veterinarian in Dog CPR and First Aid.


We offer dogs a range of play equipment and seasonal activities, as well as enrichment opportunities to keep them mentally stimulated. With supervised playtime and multiple Club Companions, dogs can enjoy our large indoor and outdoor areas safely.


We focus on transparent practices and provide swift responses to all inquiries. As a locally women owned business, we are not bound by franchise rules. Emergencies happen, we're flexible and will find a way to accommodate our

Any Questions?


Club Canine was created to provide a safe and enriching environment for dogs to let loose and have fun! Register your furiend now or fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have!




Drop your furiend off at the club and pick up a tired and happy dog


Dogs rest safe and sound through the night in our large and cozy kennels


Get your pup clean and smell-free plus nails trimmed in our grooming department


The habits and skills puppies develop during our training will stick for life



I've been going to Club Canine for several years now, followed them from their original location. They bend over backwards to help me with my girls. One who has bad separation anxiety and another who is an escape artist and does not like crates. I love that I don't have to make a reservation for daycare, it's independently owned and the staff are cared for as much as the pups. They are always being creative with new innovation things in the business too! Highly recommended!

Lesley Farner

Luck LOVES Club Canine! He has more energy than any human can match! When I bring him to Club Canine he literally drags me in the door- he is so happy! He comes back a nice calm and usually sleepy pup! His behavior has gotten so much better and he is one happy dog! Thank you to my trainer for recommending Club Canine!

Robbin Lyons

We started taking our new pup to Club Canine when he was only about 12 weeks old. He is 4 months old now and so well acclimated to other dogs that we get compliments on how well socialized he is in our neighborhood. He loves The Club because it’s nonstop fun and we love it because he is worn out, which makes everyone a little happier in our house after a long day. The staff is also amazing!

Kathleen O'Leary

Our doggie Clifford just LOVES Club Canine! He is so excited when we are turning the corner into the parking lot, and he jumps to get out of the car. The owners and staff are genuine and kind, and I know they love and take such good care of Cliff anytime he is there. If you are looking for a safe, trusted place to take your pup for a wonderful playtime with friends, this is the place to go!!

Tiffany Whisner

My dogs, Riley and Percy love Club Canine so much.  Riley can be a handful, but the staff at Club Canine greet him with smiles and warmth.  He instantly rolls on his back for belly rubs.  We started coming here because our friend Lauren was here. Through her we met the wonderful community at Club Canine. We are going to try boarding and feel confident that Percy and Riley will love spending time with their dog and human friends!

Jennifer Woods

Charlie our Golden Retriever has been going to Club Canine since she was a pup. She can’t wait to get there and has a blast playing with all her friends. Jill and her staff are great and take great care of Charlie!We also have boarded, groomed and taken advantage of their excellent training. We highly recommend them!

Donald Hurley


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What services does Cub Canine offer?

We provide Doggie Daycare (Including young puppies), Boarding (Club Canine only boards dogs that regularly attend Daycare), Dog Grooming, & Puppy Training.

What is your puppy training program like?

Pup Club has pawsome puppy training programs. One of the things that sets Pup Club above other training facilities is the opportunity for socialization. In addition to individual and small group training, puppies have free play together under the supervision of trainers. Don’t tell the puppies, they are in training during what they think is playtime. The trainers work with them on how to play with their furiends, mouthing, bite inhibition, enrichment, and much more!

How does your daycare service work?

Dogs spend their entire time playing together in our large indoor and outdoor play areas, so they can roam as they please. In inclement weather such as lighting, the garage doors are closed. Club Canine does not crate dogs during the day. Sometimes a dog needs a short break away
from their furiends which may be in a kennel. There are various pieces of play equipment for the dogs to play on and chase each other around. In the summer, dogs can play in the pools.

What measures do you take to keep dogs safe?

- Staff are trained in dog body language
- Staff are engaged and active in the play areas
- Staff are trained by a veterinarian in dog CPR and First
- Dog Trainers go into the play areas and work with staff

What is your boarding facility like?

We have 4' X 6' Kennels & 8' X 6' Kennels, Areas for siblings, Crates, Free Nyla bones, Access to water, & Lots of TLC!

What is your policy on aggressive dogs?

All dogs have a temperament test during a Meet and Greet prior to participation in Daycare. During the Meet and Greet if the dog shows any signs of aggression, they will not be accepted for Daycare. Should an incident of aggression occur during Daycare, the dog may be dismissed.

What grooming services do you offer?

At Club Canine we offer a wide variety of grooming services. We carry shampoo lines for all hair types, so your dog is sure to get the best formula catered to their skin. From funky hair colors to painted nails, we can add all kinds of fun flare to your pet’s look!
- Custom hair dye
- Nail polish
- Etched fur design
- Nail trimming and filing
- Ear cleaning plus plucking of ear hair
- Anal gland expression
- Tooth brushing
- Bath, blow dry, brush out
- FULL grooming for all breeds
Please note, if your fur child is a grooming only dog and you drop them off way in advance of their appointment, they will be kenneled until their appointment.

How do I book your services?

You can register your fur kid for Daycare and Grooming at www.carmelclubcanine.com/register for all services offered. You can register you fur baby for Puppy Training at www.carmelpupclub.com/register